15 Babywearing Halloween Costumes To Skip The Babysitter This Year

halloween costumes for new parents

If you’re having a baby year, 2020 has already been spooking you! What better than picking a costume that doesn’t mind a plus one? As new parents, it can get a little overwhelming to plan Halloween. If leaving your little one with a babysitter, on the creepiest of nights is not be an option for you, we get you! Enter- the cutest, baby-friendly Halloween costumes this year!

So, we have made a list of creative Halloween costumes for parents using baby carriers, to make sure nobody’s missing the fun this year.

1. Baker and the sweetest cupcake

baker and cupcake

coolest homemade costumes

2. Harry Potter with the cutest Dobby

Harry Potter and Dobby as a Halloween costume for parents that are using baby carriers

Wrap your baby

3. Rapunzel in the tower

Rapunzel and the tower she lived in as a halloween costume for parents

Costume works

4. Little spider climbing the wall

little spider


5. We can do this!

We can do this halloween costume

Kelly Jensen

6. Some freshly ‘popped’ popcorn, and a popcorn maker

popcorn as a halloween costume for parents who are using baby carriers

this place is now a home

7. Yoda and Luke Skywalker

baby yoda and luke


8. Pirate and a parrot

parrot and pirate as halloween costumes

coolest homemade costumes

9. On cloud nine!

on the clouds and rainbows

Todays parent

10. Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf

little red riding hood and the wolf


11. Mr. President and his bodyguard

President and bodyguard halloween costumes


12. Zombie on the loose

Zombie baby


13. The chef made his own spaghetti and meatball

chef made his own Spaghetti and meatball

living in color

14. Flying high!

plane ride with dad


15. Hold the door, Hodor!

hodor halloween costume


So, which one did you like? Are you going to try any one of them? Let us know in the comment section!