Adorable Hedgehog Packs His Tiny Bag and Goes Camping

We all love outdoor adventures and camping, so does this cute hedgehog. The insta-famous Japanese hedgehog Azuki packed his back with miniature equipment like a tiny tent, table & chair set, a barbecue, and even a kayak, and went camping outdoors. Looking at his camping photos makes us wanna go out in the woods for camping.

Here are his images from the camping day…

Meet Azuki the pygmy hedgehog


Azuki goes camping

Mini camp
Azuki camping

Here is his camp set-up

camping with all his miniature equipment

And he even made a delicious picnic with his tiny barbecue

tiny barbecue
with his miniature table and chair set
Azuki the hedgehog

And then he went kayaking

Azuki the hedgehog kayaking

Images: Instagram

Seems like the traveler hedgehog had a fun day out. Do follow him on Instagram.

When was the last time you went for camping? Tell us about it in the comments.

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