Artist Makes A Fun Rug Inspired By Famous Cartoon ‘Tom & Jerry’

Doesn’t this hilarious Tom rug look like it’s something straight out of the cartoon? Since its creation, the Tom rug has gone viral after the artist posted it on his Twitter.

tom & jerry rug
tom & jerry rug

The artist took the liberty of sharing footage from the cartoon that inspired his creation:

tom & jerry
tom & jerry rug

He’s urging people to follow Rugsoda on Instagram in order to get updates on when the rug will be available for a purchase.

tom & jerry rug

This unique creation retails for $200 a piece. There’re a lot of people who’re already waiting for it, It has generated great interest from people on the internet”

tweet by fan
tweet by fan

Here are some other creations by the artist.

bright-colored shape rug
pokemon rug
purple face rug

Say what you will, but this rug inspired by Tom & Jerry surely takes us back to some fond memories from our childhood.

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