10 Times Animated Movies Changed Small Details For Different Countries

10 Times Animated Movies Changed Small Details For Different Countries FI (1)

Animated movies have been getting better each year. There are constant improvements and we can definitely see the difference between 1994 & 2019’s ‘The Lion King.’ The level of detailing that goes on in the movie is magnificent. But that’s what makes them so popular too, right? But did you know that few animated movies changed small details in their films for different countries?

Yeah, they did it so that people can resonate well with the object or emotion. Check them out –

1. Zootopia: Different newscasters depending on the countries

Walt Disney Pictures

2. Inside Out: Riley rejecting broccoli vs. green peppers

It’s a known fact that most people and especially kids in United States dislike broccoli. But it’s not the same for kids in Japan. Infact, they like it. So, instead of broccoli, they changed to green bell peppers. It’s been noted that Japanese kids have an intense dislike for them.

Inside Out- Riley Rejecting Broccoli vs. Green Peppers

Pixar Animation Studios

3. Inside Out: Riley’s dad daydreaming about Hockey vs. Soccer

Inside Out- Riley's Dad Daydreaming About Hockey vs. Soccer

Pixar Animation Studios

4. Planes: Rochelle changes appearance depending on the country

Planes-Scene-1- animated movies


5. Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear’s speech


Pixar Animation Studios

6. Up: Carl & Ellie save up for their trip to Paradise Falls by putting change in a glass jar labeled the same vs the world

Pixar Animation Studios

7. Moana: Released with a different title in Italy due to a controversial adult movie actress with the same name


Walt Disney Animation Studios

8. Monsters University: Cupcakes for English vs. international viewers

Monsters-University-Scene-animated movies

Pixar Animation Studios

9. Ratatouille: The French version has the letter that Remy found rewritten in French, instead of just adding the subtitles

animated movies ratatouille

Pixar Animation Studios

10. Cars: Jeff Gorvette changes appearance & is based on the famous race drivers of different countries


Pixar Animation Studios

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