Artist Recreates Daily Life With Giant Cats And It’s Pawdorable!

What if cats weren’t these teeny little adorable creatures, but giant furry buds? A Russian article has taken his imagination to a whole new level. Andrey Scherbak uses his photo-shop skills to recreate his daily life with giant cats in the background. And it looks like we all could easily get used to that as the new normal?

Whether Andrey is shopping for groceries, going for a walk, cooking in the kitchen, or watching TV, the giant felines are just hanging around Andrey.

Giant or not, cats just keep amusing us with their never-ending cuteness. Andrey is based out of Rostov-on-Don, Russia and you can check his work on his Instagram!

How did Andrey think about this idea? Well, his Instagram bio states that he used to feel like he was being followed by giant cats (wait, woah!).

He then turned his imagination into a happening reality, after he took a photo of a forest, and decided to add a humongous kitty into it!

Andrey himself owns two rescue cats and a dog. But the kitties in his pictures are not his. Since we all know cats have a mind of their own, he finds pictures from Google.

You can head to his Instagram where he has around 200+ photos of his Giant Cat world! Not just that Andrey clubs them up with little anecdotes from his own life! Here are some that thrilled us the most!

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Photoshop can be pretty amazing, right? While the world is using it to make memes, Andrey is giving it his own unique spin!