Husband Gifts Wife The Perfect Birthday Cake: A Giant Amazon Package

We all want to be married to someone who literally knows us all, and still loves us all. And for photographer and mom of three, Emily McGuire, her husband is definitely that one true love.

Emily, as most of us, is a proud Amazon shopper and admits that she receives at least three packages a week, and loves to receive them all (who doesn’t?). So much so that as her birthday was just around the corner, her husband Mac knew exactly what to do.

Emily loves to shop from Amazon and sometimes sneaks in her parcels from her husband! However, Mac is very aware of this routine and sent in her birthday cake just the way she would love, in the Amazon delivery style.

The package arrived exactly like an Amazon package is delivered, with a personalized shipping label and an Amazon Prime tape. The cake was stunningly prepared by Sweet Dreams Bakery in Dunn, North Carolina.

When she first saw the lake, Emily says her first response was “pure laughter”. “At that moment, I knew my husband ‘gets me,'” she says. Of course, he does and so do we!

When Emily posted the photos of her cake on Facebook, the post went viral as hundreds of people related to their not-so-secret Amazon addiction.

We wish Emily a Happy Belated Birthday. We already are declaring this Amazon package cake the best cake we’ve seen!

(h/t: cafemom)