Airstream’s New Office Travel Trailer Lets You Take Your Remote Work On The Road

The Coronavirus Pandemic has definitely changed the work culture. COVID-19 has closed many workplaces. In fact, most of the companies are choosing remote work over office spaces forever. And why not, we too wanna work from our bed. Or log in from anywhere. And now the nation’s most stunning and storied RV brand, Airstream has chosen to seize this opportunity and has brought you a remote work paradise.

Airstream’s Flying Cloud 30FB Office is perfect for remote working or working on the go. The trailer has a room with a built-in desk and a chair.

The trailer also features a queen bed, a convertible dinette and plenty of storage.

Bob Wheeler, president and CEO of Airstream says, “We’re thrilled to offer a travel trailer that meets the needs of our times without compromise” 

“Airstream has always provided the freedom of a mobile living, playing, and working space, but the Flying Cloud 30FB Office takes that promise to the next level with flexibility and comfort in a design inspired by real-world experience. We know that the work landscape will forever be changed by the pandemic. This new offering reflects our commitment to be nimble and react to the needs of current and future customers.” Mediaairstream

This trailer can be yours with a starting price of $107,500.

Image Credits: Airstream

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