Adopted Son Builds A Dream House For His Poor Parents To Repay For Their Kindness

Adopted Son Builds A Dream House For His Poor Parents To Repay For Their Kindness FI

Kindness comes in various forms. What may be a small thing for you, it can be life-changing to others. An adopted son, Jayvee Lazaro Badile II, wanted to give everything and more to his parents.


At a time when they could barely feed themselves and their other children due to poverty, a couple from the Philippines decided to provide for an abandoned child. Jayvee Lazaro Badile II was adopted by a kind couple when he was 3 months old. 


In a Facebook post that eventually went viral, Jayvee shared a collage of photos with his adoptive parents.

Nanay is a vendor, Tatay is a porter. Now that I have the chance to give back to them, I will make sure they will live their dreams better than what they could ever imagine.”

Due to poverty, Jayvee and his family went found it hard to get by. Moreover, they lived together in a small apartment in Bulacan, Philippines. This is why his parents worked so hard to provide enough food for their children and to send them to school.


As a student, Jayvee studied hard and also worked part-time to support his daily expenses. He wanted to give his adoptive parents a better life and so, he strived harder than anyone else.

Even though it was a long journey, Jayvee Lazaro Badile II bought his adoptive parents their dream house.


According to media reports, Badile said that he started earning well when he became the new business manager at Sun Life Philippines. He said that he paid for the house in cash and it took a year to build.

House in construction

The house has seven bedrooms and he further added that the family didn’t get anything from the old house except the television set he had bought for his adoptive parents as a Christmas gift.


Apart from the house, he also makes it a point to take an international trip with his family every year and spend quality time with them every single day. 

adopted son takes his parents to international trips

His Facebook post has now gone viral and received almost one lakh likes and thousands of comments. The post has also been shared 36,000 times.

Image credits: Jayvee Lazaro Badile II

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