China’s Abandoned Fishing Village Is Now Wrapped In Nature’s Love

Nature has a habit of salvaging abandoned places. One such place, a fishing village––Houtouwan, China has been deserted for over 2 decades now that all its buildings have caved into nature. Scroll down to see what the village looks like.

Houtowan is one of the Shengsi Islands, a chain of 400 islands located 40 miles east of Shanghai, China.

abandoned village

This village has been shunned for more than 20 years.


Once a bustling village, Houtouwan was gradually deserted when the small bay could no longer fit in the increasing number of fishing boats.

abandoned village
Deserted village
abandoned village
Chinese village

photo credit: Jane Qing

Today this hauntingly beautiful fishing village is now a tourist attraction and home to only a handful of elderly residents who refuse to leave their birthplace.

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