A Young Couple Mistakenly Vandalized $440,000 Painting In South Korea

A Young Couple Mistakenly Vandalized $440,000 Painting In South Korea

A young couple mistakenly damaged an art piece by an American graffiti artist, JonOne. His graffiti art had sets of paint and brushes laid in front of the artwork.

The couple picked up those brushes and paints and yes, you can imagine, what happened next. They painted a few strokes on the masterpiece, according to ABC News.

The next day, a few of the staff members at the gallery exhibition noticed these new brush strokes on the wall. They were small swipes of dark green made to the right of center.

After checking the security camera, two suspects were taken by the police for investigation.

JonOne, is a street artist who is widely known for his abstract-style-expressionist graffiti.

This painting which measures nearly 23 by nine feet was painted in front of a live audience at a graffiti art show, “The Great Graffiti” The show was at the Seoul Arts Center in 2016.

The art supplies littered at the base of the artwork at this gallery were actually the very same paints and brushes he used to complete that painting.

The damaged art piece by JonOne is worth around $440,000, according to its agency.

We called the police immediately and talked to the insurance company for the damaged artwork. But as the agency in charge, we will do best to minimize the harm to the couple who unintentionally vandalized the work,” Kang Wook, the CEO of Contents Creator of Culture, co-organizer of the exhibition, told ABC News.

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