8 Awesome Playlists On Tidal We Discovered On Reddit

Best Tidal Playlists

If you love music, you probably know about the best online streaming services for music. While Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music are our go-to options, Tidal is the new kid on the block if high-quality music is something you would never compromise on. If you haven’t tried Tidal, here are 8 amazing playlists recommended by Redditers that you can start streaming right away!

Tidal Music App, Best Playlists

Tidal brings you about 60 million tracks and tons of exclusive interviews and videos by your favorite artists, all available in high-res, best sound quality. You can also access guest playlists curated by artists along with the original playlists hand-picked by Tidal. Start streaming music on Tidal now!

1. An Attempt In Trying Times

An Attempt In Trying Times, Tidal

Curated by Squamish44

A supercharged combination of Trap and HipHop, this one has tracks that will keep any intellectual hip hop fan happy. Look out for some quintessential tracks by Stormzy, Solange, Kanye West to keep your head and feet happy! Play now on Tidal.com

2. Summer Jazz Playlist

Summer Jazz Playlist, Tidal

Curated by Squamish44

Bored quarantining at home? Here’s a dose of classics from 60s/70s to recreate some coffee-house, summertime vibes at home. Featuring Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespies, Wes Montgomery, and many more, this is your textbook jazz playlist to enjoy your quarantine, just sitting on your porch and enjoying the weather. Play now on Tidal.com

3. 4 Hours Focus: Instrumentals for Concentration

 4 Hours Focus: Instrumentals for Concentration, Tidal

Getting to study or trying to get work done with a house full of well, humans can be tough. Let music take control with this beautiful curation of modern-day piano pieces. For times you want to feel introspective or just be present, play these ones on, and sleep like a baby. Play now on Tidal.com

4. ChilledCow | Lofi Hip Hop Music

ChilledCow | Lofi Hip Hop Music

This playlist finds place either during your workout or study sessions, without distracting you at all. Find some chill, relaxing beats to cut the outside noise and dive into a project that needs you with mind and soul! Play now on Tidal.com

5. Playlist para hacerte fan de Michael Jackson

Playlist para hacerte fan de Michael Jackson

Curated by GiamMoon

How about listening to your favorite MJ songs in some high sound quality? This one has all the beautiful tracks, from the most popular to the lesser-known gems, by the legendary Michael Jackson, put in together for you! Play now on Tidal.com

6. Grammy Best Engineered Awards (HiFi)

Grammy Best Engineered Awards (HiFi), Tidal

Curated by Boergler

We all deserve the best of the best. This playlist is a super dedicated curation of albums that have won a Grammy award for best engineering. Look out of tracks by Judy Garland, Bruno Mars, Pink Floyd, and many more! Play now on Tidal.com

7. Best Songs of 2019

Best Songs of 2019

Curated by elyahm

Since 2020 is acting a bit funny, here’s all the good stuff from 2019. What’s in there? Lana Del Ray, Kelsey Lu, Miley Cyrus, the playlist is basically 2019’s Pop tracks living together under the same roof. Play now on Tidal.com

8. A Space-Themed Electronic Music Playlist

A Space-Themed Electronic Music Playlist, Tidal

Curated by Osirisavior

Can’t step out? Here’s a playlist that will pep you up. Brace yourself because this one will take you to a whole new galaxy! Play now on Spotify

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