40 Products You Should Definitely Add To Cart This Single’s Day Sale

singles' day sale on Ali Express

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There are some joys of being single. One of them is utilizing a day that’s essentially made for us. Single’s Day Sale!! This year has been unnecessarily harsh on us but retail therapy is good for the soul too (wink, wink). Grab this wonderful opportunity and shop on Ali Express 11.11 sale.

Here are the best 40 products for Single’s Day sale on Ali Express –

1. This elegant vintage backpack for women who love to travel.

Women's vintage backpack - single's day sales

This is a perfect backpack for college students or for a casual day out. You can also use this as a shopping bag (instead of tote bags). Comes in 5 different colors.

Buy for $24.01

2. You need these adorable cozy slippers in your life. So cute and fluffy!

cozy slippers for single's day sales

It has 27 options! These are a great option for the upcoming winter season.

Buy for $11.69 – 14.39

3. Style your fall outfit with this cute cloud bag

cloud bag for ali express

Pair this cute cloud bag with high waisted boot cut jeans and a coat. It’s extremely stylish and comes in 21 different colors!

Buy for $10.28 – 17.31

4. A wireless, magnetic LED desk lamp to add a minimalist touch to your work desk

Table lamp for 11.11 sale

Get rid of your humongous desk lamp and buy this one. It’s wireless, you can adjust the brightness, has 24 hrs battery life, you can even adjust the angles. It has ton of features. It’s actually a steal deal.

Buy for $17.42 – 20.90

5. A bathroom shelf will help you organize all your products.

Bathroom shelf organizer for singles day sales

You don’t even have to drill it. You can use this for your kitchen too, depending on your needs. It’s simple and easy to use. This will help in decluttering your space without any hassle.

Buy for $14.39 – 16.19

6. An automatic foaming soap dispenser because it’s 2020.

 Automatic Soap Dispenser 11.11 sales

It is easy to rinse and leaves no residue. Your hands feel sparkly clean and soft.

Buy for $19.91 – 67.01

7. A simple Costway’s bookshelf is perfect for the bibliophile’s room!

bookshelf singles day shopping

A good excuse to buy more books!

Buy for $22.32 – 24.63

8. This hair drying & volumizer styling brush gives you a salon-style fix without spending $$$

Hair Dryer & Volumizer Styling Brush  11.11 online shopping

Now, you don’t need to spend $$$ to get the perfect hair. You also don’t need to buy different hair appliances as this one is all you need to get all hairstyling done. It’s easy to use and the end result will definitely make you happy.

Buy for $21.11 – 21.55

9. Up your skincare game with a 7 Colors LED Facial Mask

Facial mask

This facial mask is the best 11.11 sale buy. It has a lot of benefits – reduces and prevents wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, minimizes pores, and inhibits the formation of melanin pigment.

Buy for $26.21 – 37.10

10. You can never have enough of Gillette’s Fusion 5 razor + replaceable blades

Gillette Fusion 5 Original Men Shaving Razor + Replaceable Blades

This package includes a razor handle and replacement razor blade (16Pcs or 8Pcs choose according to your preference.) The razor handle is Original Gillette Fusion 5. A great 11.11 sale deal on Ali Express.

Buy for $17.40 – 20.18

11. Need some gifting options for your nephew/ niece? Get this amazing remote control car (truck)

remote control car

Who doesn’t like gifts? It can be a great option for birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

Buy for $9.32 – 40.27

12. Don’t forget to include a power bank when you are traveling or on vacation.

power bank - 11.11 sale

It’s thin but powerful at the same time. Exquisite craftsmanship and even has a type – C interface input.

Buy for $9.58 – 11.99

13. A 2-in-1 wireless car charger that saves you from tangled wires and a messy car!

Qi Wireless Charger and a car phone holder  for single's day sale

It works as a wireless charger and a car phone holder. This wireless device offers fast charging for your phones and saves you from the trouble of tangled cables and cases when you drive.

Buy for $23.99

14. This ergonomic electric neck massager to comfort your work from home neck!

Electric Neck Massager U shaped Pillow

The curved surface absorbs the neck pressure, reduces the pressure point, and provides sufficient support protection.

Buy for $21.87 – 26.00

15. Buy these activewear joggers so that you can workout without any worry.

activewear jogger - single's day sale ali express

Breathable, absorbs moisture and sweat. It is available in 9 colors. Update your workout clothes now!

Buy for $21.89

16. Go sustainable with a charger that has a solar panel.

foldable charger with solar panel

Sustainable and eco-friendly, this charger is constructed with four solar panels and waterproof nylon while also offering weather-resistant outdoor durability.

Buy for $27.10

17. A Music projector night light with an in-built BT speaker. A great 2-in-1 product!

music projector lamp

This 2-in-1 night light comes with an in-built Bluetooth speaker and adjustable light settings.

Buy for $13.56 – 23.48

18. A night lamp with motion sensor for night owls who also happen to have a partner!

night lamp motion sensor 11.11 sales

The light bulb wakes up when it senses people within five meters. Used for midnight lighting, entry reminder lights, kitchens, cabinets, and wardrobes, it remains quite a utilitarian product.

Buy for $4.18 – 21.58

19. Have a furry friend at home? Get this amazing portable lint remover to remove the fur from your coat!

lint remover

It’s simple and does the job fairly quick.

Buy for $1.15 – 2.17

20. Keep your hands and heart warm with this cute electric hand warmer.

electric hand warmer ali express singles day sale

It’s beautiful, compact, and does the job. And oh, it keeps you warm for at least 4 hours!! That’s a pretty amazing product at such a steal deal.

Buy for $14.39

21. A handmade basket for your adorable plant babies!

handmade storage basket

You can use it as a laundry basket or for gardening or as a plain storage container. It’s sustainable and quite eco-friendly. Additionally, you can choose different sizes that are more suited as per your requirement.

Buy for $6.66 – 13.50

22. Safe keep all your important papers with a document bag which also has a password lock! Y

document bag with password - singles day sale

If you are traveling for some business work for a day or two then this is the perfect bag for you. The bag is password protected and has space to keep all your documents safely. The best part? It’s waterproof!

Knock off deal on singles’ day sale! A must buy.

Buy for $9.36 – 10.21

23. A kitchen sundries rack to keep your kitchen or room neat and clean.

Kitchen sundries organizer rack - singles day sale

You don’t have to drill holes in your wall. This product will help you to organize your kitchen and make it more presentable.

Buy for $8.37

24. Go professional with your food plating skills with a wood pan plate set.

wooden pan and plate set

A word of caution – You can’t use this in the microwave or oven. It’s just a serving plate. You can buy a whole set or just individual pieces.

Buy for $7.67 – 42.23

25. Love cooking? Get these baking heat insulation clips to keep your hands safe.

insulation clip

Now, don’t burn your fingers carrying extremely hot food items.

Buy for $1.27 – 1.32

26. These bamboo insulation pad/coasters will amp up your dining space in seconds.

bamboo insulation pad -11.11 sale

Grab them before they get sold out. STEAL DEAL!

Buy for $2.45 – 2.79

27. It’s time to buy that security camera you’ve been planning for months.

security camera
features of security camera

Another steal deal! This camera offers ample features that make this product a top-rated one. You can use it at your home or office or store.

Buy for $14.35 – 53.70

high waist jeans

You can pair this high waist straight jeans with almost anything. You can opt for sweater or a crop top, add some accessories for a day look.

Buy for $16.65

29. This dress fits every possible occasion you can think of.

elegant dress for women

If you want a dress that you can wear as office wear and for a date then this is it; it’s perfect. A great singles’ day sale option, this dress is elegant and sophisticated which makes it an ideal buy.

Buy for $23.16

30. A portable travel bed that makes an amazing baby shower gift!

portable travel bed - singles day sale

It’s 80% cotton and almost all new parents find themselves in a need of a portable bed.

Buy for $29.53

31. All new moms need a maternity bag that basically could carry your baby’s world in it!

diaper bag/maternity bag on singles day sale

Another great baby shower gift. It has amazing space and comes with two belts that will help in hanging the bag on the stroller.

Buy for $21.52 – 25.79

32. Get a fruit & vegetable grater to style your food in new found ways!

vegetable and fruit grater -singles day sale

If you like cooking and plating up for dishes with style then this product is for you. You can grate all sorts of veggies and fruits in no time.

Buy for $0.56 – 3.78

33. This ingenious lazy snack bowl, that you team up with some wine, and Netflix. *Weekend plans, sorted*

lazy snack bowl - singles day sale

Buy for $0.65 – 3.84

34. A perfect Christmas pullover that definitely can be worn again and again!

christmas sweater for men- singles day sale

Available in 3 colors, this Christmas sweater is perfect for winter wear. Pair it with skinny jeans and a coat to complete your look.

Buy for $15.94

35. Steal deal alert!! Add these Born Pretty’s black white nail stamping polish shades that come in 56 lovely styles.

naim stamping polish - singles day sale

If you aren’t sure about nail extensions but still want pretty nails then try these.

Buy for $2.43 – 2.70

36. One should always have a conventional Christmas sweater in their wardrobe, isn’t it?

women's sweater - singles day sale

You can never have enough of sweaters!

Buy for $18.54

37. Add a Japanese style cushion to your home.

Japanese style cushion seat-singles day sale

Available in 7 colors, this cushion is soft for your heels and helps you to sit comfortably.

Buy for $9.40 – 19.39

38. Simplee’s soft sweater is perfect for a casual date or to meet your friends

WOMEN SWEATER- singles day sale

Amp up your wardrobe with a simple sweater. Ultra-soft and warm, this pullover sweater goes well over jeans and boots! Ladies, this sweater is so cute, just take this deal on singles’ day sale (it’s super affordable).

Buy for $16.13

39. This tea/drink coasters set is an eco-friendly option and jazzes up your dining space.

tea set coaster - Singles Day Sale

A small addition for your afternoon siesta. Another amazing singles’ day sale deal – it’s affordable and lasts long!

Buy for $7.31

40. Pair this men’s sweater with some denim, voila, a classic combination that never fails.

men's sweater singles day sales ali express

We are adding it to our cart right now.

Buy for $17.72 – 19.40

Note: All the images are taken from Ali Express.

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