Japanese Embroidery Artist Stitches 3D Embroidery Designs That Looks Like Real Food

Embroidery has been around for centuries and still continues to evolve. And artists are pushing themselves and bringing life to the art with their creativity. One such artist is Ipnot, who with her creativity, can turn any ordinary embroidery hoops into a plate of delicious food.

She stitches 3D replicas of food, household items, leaves, and more. Take a look at her delicious dishes.

Ipnot was inspired by her grandmother. She took up embroidery after watching her grandmother’s stitching techniques. Soon she began exploring the possibilities of craft and found a particular stitching style–– French knot stitch, and made that her signature style.

3d embroidery
coffee, 3d embroidery
Fruits, 3d embroidery
ketchup, 3d embroidery
food, 3d embroidery

She chooses from a palette of 500 colors and stitches each 3D object in tiny French knot stitches. She uses her needle like a paintbrush and stitches one knot at a time. From food to the moon, each piece of her art seems so realistic.

Other Objects:

tap, 3d embroidery, Ipnot
moon, 3d embroidery, Ipnot
3d embroidery
3d embroidery
3d embroidery

Aren’t these beautiful?

Watch Pizza By Ipnot.

Damn! this looks real enough to eat.

ipnot: Website | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

All images via Ipnot

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