2021 Calendars And Planners That You’ll Need To Organize Your Life!

2021 Calendars And Planners That You'll Need To Organize Your Life! FI

A new year calls for a new calendar and a brand new planner to get things organized and settled in advance. Here’s a list of 16 calendars and planners that will help you schedule your chores, tasks, routine to make your life easier!

1. Disney Dreams Collection by Thomas Kinkade Studios: 2021 Wall Calendar

Disney Dreams Collection by Thomas Kinkade Studios: 2021 Wall Calendar


Looking for a new wall calendar for your kids’ bedroom? We all know how Disney is always a winner, isn’t it?

Buy for $9.994

2. 2021 Fire Rescue Dogs Calendar

2021 Fire Rescue Dogs Calendar


Oooffff! It’s getting hot in here! Girls, this one’s specially for you. Firemen rescuing dogs? Doesn’t get better than this!

Customer Review:
“I’m excited that I get to have the best of both worlds! Firefighters AND puppies! Plenty of space to write down whatever you need to…or just look at the photos – that’s what I do! I also love that the proceeds go towards such a fantastic cause and helps save puppies in need.”

Buy for $20.00

3. Black Floral 2021 Planner

Black Floral 2021 Planner


In this black floral calendar you will get each month covers worth 2 full pages, it also contains present, current and next months reference for long-term planning, a small notes section for important projects and major holidays listed and marked out.

Buy for $13.19

4. Blue Marble Effect 2021 Planner

Blue Marble Effect 2021 Planner


The blue marble effect planner makes for a good gift for a friend or relative. It is stylish, precise and serves its purpose just fine! The best part? It’s so inexpensive and of great quality.

Customer Review:
“Really loving this planner, super cute design and lots of space to write. Includes contacts, time zone chart, notes sheets and a sticker pocket. Here’s hoping for a turn around in 2021!”

Buy for $7.99 ($10.99)

5. 2021 Hedgehogs Wall Calendar by Bright Day

2021 Hedgehogs Wall Calendar by Bright Day


Aren’t hedgehogs cute as a button? There is something about them that makes them as adorable as a chipmunk or a hamster. Here’s a 2021 calendar with 12 hedgehogs pictures, one for every month!

Customer Review:
“The calendar was even cuter than I had hoped it would be. I will have a happy 2021 because of this darling Hedgehog calendar!”

Buy for $13.99 ($14.99)

6. Cactus Print Planner for 2021

Cactus Print Planner for 2021


Cactus print will never go out of fashion just like this Pinterest-y Cactus print planner for the new year. Make headway with your tasks and schedule in style.

Buy for $13.69

7. Sloths – 2021 Wall Calendars by Red Ember Press

Sloths - 2021 Wall Calendars by Red Ember Press


Another set of animals that will not disappoint you with their soothingly cute behavior and way about themselves, the sloth. If you like to take things a lil easy just like them, this one’s for you!

Buy for $14.99 ($17.99)

8. Southworth 2021 Yearly Planner

Southworth 2021 Yearly Planner


With the year just about to end, we’d all want to get things in order come 2021. Here’s a simple yet aesthetic yearly planner to help you do just that!

Customer Review:
“A beautifully designed little planner, perfect to throw in your bag or purse. Elastic keeps it secure and it has a pocket to tuck receipts or important pieces of paper. Binding looks like it will last and the cover is very sturdy. Can’t wait to use it for all of my personal appointments, notes and goals for each month. I will especially use the reflections at the beginning of each month.”

Buy for $9.99

9. Graphique Peanuts Happiness Is Wall Calendar – 16 Month 2021 Calendar

5 Graphique Peanuts Happiness Is Wall Calendar - 16-Month 2021 Calendar


This Peanuts Happiness and Charlie Brown wall calendar comes with some food for thoughts and mottos to live by every month. What’s cool about this one is that it comes with 120 stickers!

Buy for $14.99

10. Blue Sky 2021 Weekly & Monthly Planner


If you’re looking for something with a more versatile taste and not very loud, this black flexible binding planner will work out perfectly for ya! It’s also rated 5 stars and is Amazon’s Choice for you.

Buy for $9.99

11. Believe in Yourself Pink Floral 2021 Planner

Believe in Yourself Pink Floral 2021 Planner


If you like all things pink and floral, this 2021 planner will go very well with your aesthetic and add a cutesy touch to your everyday planning.

Buy for $13.99

12. Garfield 2021 Wall Calendar

Garfield 2021 Wall Calendar


The most iconic and coolest cat around there is, this Garfield calendar with idle thoughts is a fun way to keep a track of your days and months come 2021. The calendar features the smart-alecky proclamations that have made him our favorite feline friend for over more than forty years now!

Customer Review:
“I get a Garfield wall calendar every year as Garfield and his friends brighten up every day during the year. The delivery time of the calendar was really fast as well. :-)”

Buy for $13.49

13. Starry Night 2021 Planner

Starry Night Planner


Any art fans in the house? This planner’s design is a replica of the famous painting ‘The Starry Night’, by Vincent van Gogh. Super friggin cool, right? Add a lil bit of culture and wholesomeness to your year with this planner!

Customer Review:
“I received my planner and I love it!!. I love Van Goh, and the picture the Starry Night is my favorite. I recommended 100% this product. Thank you very much.”

Buy for $5.66 ($12.69)

14. Hubble Telescope Discoveries – 2021 Wall Calendars by Red Ember Press

Hubble Telescope Discoveries


Are you a fan of the big black nothing we call space? Like to get lost in the stars and all things out of the world? This Hubble Telescope outlines the biggest discoveries its made in this 2021 Wall Calendar.

Buy for $14.99 ($17.99)

15. Color-Your-Own 2021 Planner

Color-Your-Own Planner


A calendar that you can color in with your favorite shades? How fun! Celebratee the lil child in you, color on and have a bright and wonderful 2021.

Buy for $24.95

16. 2021 Cat Calendar

 Cat Calendar


Don’t these lil furballs always make the day better? Here’s a 2021 wall calendar with the cutest kittens!

Buy for $13.00

So, what are you waiting for? Add these calendars and planners to your cart and make a smart buy!

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