20 Products To Buy On Singles’ Day Sale If You Are A Pet Lover

Ali Express Single Day Sale Best Deals

Guess what? The Singles’ Day Sale or the 11.11 sale on AliExpress is here! Prices are swooshing down once again, so get ready with your annual shopping list! This singles day we are taking pet lovers super seriously! For all the single people who consider their furry (or purry) as one true love, this list is for you!

singles day sale, pet lovers

Gayatri Malhotra / Unsplash

We have curated some of the best deals on single’s day sale on AliExpress keeping in mind your adorable pooches and meows! We promise, your pets are gonna love them!

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1. These cute porcelain kitty dinner plates to add to your kitchen.

singles day sale, pet lovers, porcelain kitty dinner plates


Buy for $23.63 – $25.76

2. A portable paw washer is a complete game-changer. Keeps muddy paw prints out of your home and off your floors, carpet, furniture, and car, without creating any fuss!

portable paw washer for dogs, 11 11 best deals, 2020 sale


Simply put your dog’s paws in the cup and let the paw washer do its work.

Ali Express Shopper Says
Exactly as described, it’s a big cup, my dogs are medium but I think it fits a large one too. Thank you, I like it very much! Came very quick.

Buy for $17.04

3. A unisex retro-punk bulldog ring for someone who cannot stop thinking about their little pooch.

retro-punk bulldog ring, 11 best deals


Available in tones of black gun, antique copper, antique gold, and antique silver, with resizable ring size.

AliExpress Shopper Says
“The quality is excellent! Madly pretty purchase. The rings are very beautiful and packed in a box. The seller was always in touch and very quickly sent the order. Delivery was also fast, in 2 weeks came to Moscow. Thank you very much, very glad!”

Buy for $2.68

4. These totally instagrammable sphinx cat sweaters to keep your cutie-patooties warm and cozy!

sphinx cat sweaters, singles day sale, pet lovers


AliExpress Shopper Says
“Very good jacket. It looks cool, it’s normal. It stretches well and does not create discomfort when wearing (according to my observations).” 

Buy for $9.39 – $14.14

5. A detangler brush will put your daily brooming (and grooming) woes to an end. The brush gently grooms your pet’s coat, without pulling or tugging.

detangler brush for cats and dogs, singles day sale


It has an environmentally friendly material handle and works on cats and dogs of all sizes.

Buy for $3.10 – 11.50

6. No more tears! A grooming sprayer and massager that you can easily attach to a shower or hose, to give your dog a mini spa experience.

grooming sprayer cum massager, singles day sale, pet lovers


Buy for $4.30

7. A perfect cat-mom themed tee is never too clichéd to make an “I live for cats” statement!


(Available in multiple prints)

Buy for US $3.76 – 4.93

8. This dog-friendly car seat turns into a hammock, to make sure your pet never misses a single road trip with you!

dog car seat


AliExpress Shopper Says
“Delivery is super fast, up to St. Petersburg in 8 days, brought straight home. The bag is cool, made of dense waterproof material. Everything is sewn very neatly! Thank you for the quality of the goods!!!”

Buy for $14.30 – 16.86

9. A rechargeable pet hair trimming kit will keep that silky mane shining like a diamond!


Perfect for dogs, cats, rabbits and other hairy pets.

Buy for $3.78 – 17.81

10. A winter 3 layer thick, reversible dog jacket, so that your goofy pal never misses a snow day!

winter jacket dog, pet lover, 11 11 sale 2020


It’s waterproof and comes with an extended collar to keep the pet’s neck and head warm very well. Available Colours: Green+Light Blue, Red+Blue

Buy for $7.67 – 12.79

11. A mini USB aquarium for a friend who is literally working from home all alone!

mini USB aquarium, Singles day sale 2020


Available in Red, Black and White

Buy for $6.73

12. This 4 style pet cat/dog feeder comes with an automatic drinking water fountain and a capacity that feeds your pet for days, without needing a refill.


AliExpress Shopper Says
Very cool. The cat appreciated it. Considering that I work for days-for me an indispensable thing. Recommend. Seller-respect-from order to delivery-10 days. I ordered 2 pink and green as a gift.

Buy for $14.21

13. A pet training puzzle box will turn eating and treats into a fun challenge!

pet training puzzle box, pet lover products


AliExpress Shopper Says
“It’s great! And quality 10/10! My dog loves it from the first moment. My dog is strong so he easily moves all toy around, but if you put it on no slipping floor it’s gonna be perfect.”

Buy for $7.81

14. A vintage style customizable dog wall art decor clock that’ll remind you of your pet puppy all day long.

dog wall art decor clock, singles day sale


Buy for $21.56 – 26.18

15. These LED light wall hooks, that make a lovely gift for a friend who lives for their pet.


You also get a remote controller to switch on or off lights, pause or play, dim or change speed of lights and also to create rainbow of colors.

Buy for $11.88 – 23.76

16. This super cute and cozy cave bed to make your cat actually live like the queen she really is.

cozy cave bed for cats, pet lovers


AliExpress Shopper Says
“Beautiful! Better than I expected, excellent quality and a great price, I recommend a good product, I’ll keep buying at this store. Delighted♡♡♡♡♡!”

Buy for $12.64 – 14.31

17. A portable pet dog water bottle that is part bottle, and part snack feeder. This is definitely becoming your new favorite for long walks and hikes.

portable water bottle that is half bottle, and half snack feeder for dogs


Buy for $7.65 – 8.93

18. A portable pet carrier bag, giving you all the more reasons to take your doggo to work. The bag is all over the internet for all the right reasons- it’s breathable, foldable, and super comfy!

portable pet carrier bag for cats dogs


AliExpress Shopper Says
Packed well, looks beautiful, sewn qualitatively. Our cat weighs 4500G, fit successfully. They still did not stand anywhere, then I’ll add a review. On the back on the first sensations is convenient. How convenient a cat is unknown. We will order the same for mom.

Buy for $28.36

19. These super cute animal keychains to proclaim your love for all things animals!


Buy for $1.94

20. A pet food ball that is a lifesaver for those who are always late from work! The ball challenges your pet to play and dispenses treats every time they win!

pet food ball, pet lover products


AliExpress Shopper Says
“My dog is obsessed!! he eats his kibble through this.. “

Buy for $9.60

What’s on your shopping list for this year’s Singles’ Day Sale?

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