20 Photos That Will Immediately Take You To The 90s

taking back to the 90s

Whether it’s millennials, boomers, or the Gen-Z, everyone has some fond memories from the 90s. It was the time of hip-hop, parties, supermodels, cable tv, and the world wide net. Here are some of the pictures from the 90s that will make you go down the memory lane.

1. Bubble Beeper Gum. It was chalky but tasty at the same time.

bubble beeper gum


2. Everyone wanted Rachel Green’s haircut

Rachel Green's hairstyle

Friends/Warner Bros

3. Princess Diana’s biker shorts were more in rage than her haircut

Princess Diana's biker shorts


4. If you ever wanted to rent a movie then Blockbuster was the best. They were the OG of movie rentals.

blockbuster video


5. Pagers was how Ross would know that he is having a baby.



6. The Macarena song was played everywhere. Who can ever forget that?!

7. Remember When The Double Denim Look Was A Fashion Trend?

8. The Titanic pose would become a quintessential couple thing

titanic pose

Titanic/Paramount Pictures

9. Choker Were A Rage Back Then


Hello Whimsy

10. People Went Crazy With Windows 95 OS.


Critical Hit

11. Britney Spears Gave Us The Famous – “Baby one more time”

12. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted in 93 and immediately became children’s favorite.

power rangers


13. The famous Looney Tunes t-shirt that everyone wore to school

Looney Tunes T-shirt, where Taz and Bugs are supposed to look like Kris Kross


14. ‘Clueless‘ became so famous that there were books based on the movies and TV series.

clueless books


15. The time when Jim Carrey played with Toy Story toys while presenting at the Oscars

Space Jam game in the 90s


17. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coming Out of Their Shells cassette tape was the coolest thing to listen to!

teenage mutant ninja turtles cassette in the 90s


18. The Spice Girls used old giant computers when they visited the AOL offices

 Spice Girls used old giant computers when they visited the AOL offices in the 90s


19. Britney Spears, Nick, and Monica were on the cover of Teen People magazine

teen people magazine of the 90s


20. Pokémon-themed Game Camera

pokemon camera: the 90s

Business Insider

Which one is your favourite?