20 Faces In Everyday Objects That You Just Cannot Ignore

Have you ever looked at something and instantaneously found a face staring, laughing or growling at you in instead? Pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon of seeing faces in everyday lives, helps people assigning characteristics to things. Faces in Things, a Twitter account, does exactly that, puts inanimate objects with faces, giving us all a laugh as we scroll through the usual noise.

1. This broken ‘eagle’ nib that’s ready to take flight.

broken 'eagle' nib

2. A ‘not-so-happy’ carton in the fridge.

carton in the fridge.

3. There’s a crocodile in the snow.

crocodile in the snow

4. A ‘rocky’ cruise in the middle of nowhere.

rocky' cruise

5. Someone’s watching you…maybe it’s your own shadow!

shadow on the wall

6. A dried leaf that has definitely been ghosted.

dried leaf, faces in things

7. Talking about people being two-faced, eh?

woman with glasses on hair, faces in things

8. Here’s a dragon chilling on a mountain.

snow dragon, funny faces, faces in things

9. A handle that’s very happy to be handling the pan!

pan handle, funny face

10. This bread that goes woof woof!

dog peta bread, faces in things

11. It seems like someone just saw a ghost.

ghost face pipes

12. They could be ‘poles apart’, but they are so very much in love.


13. This T-shirt is so worn-out right now.

sulking t-shirt, faces in things

14. A tiny dinosaur, keeping your company over drinks.

beer dinosaur

15. Someone’s puking cables…

cables in the wall, faces in things

16. This bell pepper that’s happy to be!

laughing bell pepper

17. Here’s a happy dumpling.

smiling dumpling

18. Someone just found their doppelganger.

funny face in things, faces in things

19. Ever got teased by a dustbin?

funny dustbin

20. These devil chimneys, celebrating a smoky Halloween.

devil chimneys, faces in things

Do you want to see more funny faces around you? Follow Faces in Things on Twitter and have fun!