17 Funny Photos That Will Make You Want To Go Back To Office!

Funny Office Photos

Did you remember the time when we whined about going to the office? Well, 2020 has made it sure, we never say that or feel that again. So here is a bunch of funny office photos from the good old days, proving that office is so much fun that we ever thought it is.

1. Take a break every few hours, they said

2. When you’re out of work for a few weeks and the office team is very helpful!

office fun, funny office photos

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3. Here’s a very serious session of knowledge transfer, for the new joinee.

4. There’s a rat in the room. The meeting is cancelled.

Funny Office Photos

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5. When the king aka the boss is on leave, and someone’s got to take over.

funny office pictures


6. In their defense, “they were on a break”

Funny Office Photos


7. And we thought offices are for adults!

office funny pictures


8. Those random moments of serendipity, when you and your colleague look like twins!

office fun


9. When your dog was never in the mood for ‘pet day’ at the office!

office fun pictures

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10. The IT guys have fun too.

fun at office, IT guys

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11. When your office has an unexpected visitor.

office fun, vistors, Koala

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12. Those passive-aggressive notes that are so on point that you can’t even get mad.

Office notes, office funny pictures

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13. Do you miss the printer too?

office fun

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14. That time when office parties existed and everybody took them seriously!

office party, funny office photos

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15. When the whole office decides to take an impromptu break!

office party

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16. That one guy who is always feeling hot…!

office funny colleagues

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17. That one colleague, who’s got the perfect spot.

office colleagues

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Do you miss this office madness? Share some funny stunts from your office with us and we’d love to share them!