15 Things From Walmart That’ll Save You A Lot More Than You Spend

Useful Products Save Money

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Impulsive buys can be useful, only if you know you’re buying the right thing for the right reasons. And Walmart is the place for that! Trust us, we’ve found you 20 useful things that don’t cost at all, compared to what you’d get!

1. A cold brew coffee maker that will help you save a lot more because now you can have some kickass coffee right at home.

cold brew coffee maker, useful things

Customer Review:I love cold brew iced coffee. Paid for itself in a few days of not going to the coffee chain. Easy to make just add coffee, fill with water, and put on lid. Set overnight in refrigerator, press, and pour. Makes about 3 large glasses.

Buy for $12.88

2. A portable garment steamer to save you from countless trips to the cleaners, or get that nasty crease out when traveling.

portable garment steamer

Customer Review:Very compact and lightweight. Really gets the job done. I use it for my husband’s jeans and recently used it for my delicate blouses. Doesn’t take that much time to really heat up. Works great and has a large capacity area to fill the water. Definitely a great garment steamer

Buy for $14.88

3. A snow cone maker to step into your childhood these summers without stepping out of the house.

snow cone maker, useful things

Customer Review: My hubby loves to use this to make slushies for the kids, who think its the best thing in the world. It’s a small machine that doesn’t take up a lot of room on the counter or in a cupboard. There are 4 suction cups that prevent it from sliding while in use. The blade on the inside easy to get to for changing out and this machine is super easy to clean.”

Buy for $19.96

4. A pack of 3 facial care razors that would tag along for months, at half the cost of your single appointment at the salon.

Facial care razors

Customer Review: “These are great. Used them to get the peach fuzz and cleaned up my brows. Will use these from now on!!!”

Buy for $9.56

5. A 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner that can be used on the floor or as a hand vacuum, to get your house squeaky clean. For those who hate sweeping, this one’s a god-send.

3-in-1 vacuum cleaner, useful things

Customer Review:Absolute best vacuum for best price. So sleek. So lightweight. Very easy to access the debris area to dump. Only has one-button/ switch to turn it on and off. I got the gray variant. This has taken the place of sweeping for me and I LOVE it. *Note* I also hate sweeping. I know this review will sound overly enthusiastic but it’s because it’s that good. I once cut men’s hair and this vacuum did such a great job picking up the hair; made it hassle-free and painless. I have really light wood floors which makes it super obvious to see everything.”

Buy for $19.86 (available in six colors)

6. These clothing storage bags that will magically create space in a not-so-spacious wardrobe.

clothing storage bags

Customer Review: “It’s lightweight and holds a decent amount of items; more than I expected. The color is a match and the quality is good. I would purchase these again. They also store well upright.

Buy for $17.99

7. This retro hot-dog maker that even “hot dogs dream of this toaster”

retro hot-dog maker, useful things

Customer Review: “So ridiculous and so wonderful, it not only works, but works quite well. One tip I’d suggest: make three very shallow cuts crosswise on each side of the hot dogs before cooking. It will help minimize the amount of curling, ensuring more even cooking and making the hot dogs easier to remove once cooked.”

Buy for $19.99 (available in three colors)

8. A closet organizer to make for your collection if you’re a shoe/bag hoarder.

closet organizer

Customer Review:I have tried several purse hangers/organizers and this is BY FAR the most perfect and functional one I have found. There is so much storage and I can tell it will not fall apart like the other one I have. Everyone NEEDS this.” 

Buy for $14.97

9. A starter’s gel manicure kit that perfect, salon-like nails at home.

gel manicure kit

Customer Review:This product is amazing!!! I was so nervous when I purchased this, I by no means am a nail technician. This kit made everything so easy and the end product is absolutely beautiful!

Buy for $29.99

10. The prettiest instant pot that easily replaces six kitchen appliances, and makes preparing your favorite dishes as easy as pressing a button.

instant pot, useful things

Customer Review: “Very nice!! Buttons very well marked. Easy directions. Great recipe book. I didn’t get the small kitchen gloves to pull out inner, but all the other accessories were there.

Buy for $59.00

11. An adjustable under-the-sink shelf to make even the tiniest of kitchens organized.

adjustable under-the-sink shelf

Customer Review:Good product. Works exactly as shown. Expandable to fill the entire width under the sink. Ten shelf units are enough to fill all available space. Do not put very heavy items on the shelves, as it is a tad flimsy, but enough space remains in front for heavy things.

Buy for $23.99

12. A quesadilla maker to make crispy and delicious quesadillas, that will surely make you the ‘Monica’ of your friends’ group!

quesadilla maker

Customer Review: “Yes, my family and I love this quesadilla maker. So much so, we are considering buying another one so that we can make two at once. I make loads of taco meat when we have tacos and we use leftovers the next day for quesadillas. This machine perfectly makes quesadillas — browned lightly and creased for cutting. If you overfill with cheese (my family are cheeseheads, so more is better), it will come out the sides but it crisps up and tastes delicious! Sometimes we put so much meat/cheese in, we’re unable to latch it closed, but it still cooks and crisps up fine. Go ahead and buy it! You’ll love it, too.” 

Buy for $20.59

13. The Spa Sciences AERO Sonic Skin Care Moisturizer & Treatment Infusion System to make sure your skin actually gets the most of your expensive skincare buys.

Spa Sciences AERO Sonic Skin Care Moisturiser & Treatment Infusion System

Customer Review: “I️ bought this product a few months ago and I️ still absolutely adore it. I️ love using this after applying my serums and the fact that it warms as it goes, it leaves my skin feeling so hydrated. I️ love love love using tools to accompany my skincare routine. Nothing beats having a machine that helps your serums penetrate the deeper layers to get the most out of your product. I️ also love the fact that Aero has no buttons! I’ve never seen a product like that before that has only a sensor that detects when it’s being placed on skin.”

Buy for $29.00

14. A 5-shelf bookshelf, with adjustable shelves to store stuff on your own terms!

5-shelf bookshelf

Customer Review:Very easy to assemble, seemingly sturdy, and large enough to accommodate my books, but small enough (in width) to fit perfectly where I wanted. An excellent buy! My only issue is the shipping company: FedEx. Always delivers while I’m at work, forcing me to pick it up from a local drop-off vendor, and does not offer customer-scheduled delivery times.

Buy for $49.20

15. An electric wine bottle opener with a wine pourer, stopper, and foil cutter, so that you never have to haggle with the cork ever again!

electric wine bottle opener

Customer Review: “I bought this for my elderly father since he had been having trouble opening wine, and he loves it! It really helps and he likes the wine stopper having a pour function. I would definitely recommend this product if you have trouble opening wine!”

Buy for $21.13