15 Things You Have Known All Your Life That Are Absolute Lies

Lesser Known Facts

The sun rises in the east, is a fact. The Earth revolves around the Sun, that’s not true. At least, not exactly. Busted. Here are 15 untrue facts or things that we have been believing to be true that have been absolutely false.

1. Coke in glass bottles tastes different than Coke in cans

Coke glass bottles vs cans


Coke from a glass bottle might taste a little bit different than Coke in a can. Various container materials might impart slight changes to Coke’s flavor. In fact, your best bet at getting just the right taste of Coca Cola is to go with the glass bottle.

2. There is gravity in outer space

space, astronaut


A lot of us assume there is no gravity in space. But the truth is a small amount of gravity can be found everywhere in space. Microgravity is the condition in which people or objects appear to be weightless. The effects of microgravity can be seen when astronauts and objects float in space.

3. This is how towels are stacked on shelves in the stores.

towels stacked in store


4. Sometimes, lawns are spray painted to make the grass look greener.

Lawns spray painted


Guess, the grass is not always green on the other side.

5. Earth is not a complete sphere

Earth true shape

It is not flat. It has the shape of a geoid.

6. Hello Kitty is not a cat

Hello Kitty, untrue facts

The adorable cartoon character that is the cultural force in Japan is not actually a cat. She is a little girl, who is never depicted on all fours, is over 40 years old, and even has a pet cat of her own.

7. Potato chips are not 100% potatoes

potato chips facts

Times Food, Unsplash

The potato chips we eat are only abut 40% of potatoes, while the rest is starch, flour, and water. Only traditional chips are thin potato slices fried in oil, and you can recognize them by their uneven edges and texture.

8. The Great Wall of China is not visible from the Moon or space.

great wall of china from space, untrue facts


Contrary to popular belief, the Great Wall of China is not visible from the Moon or even space. Even Neil Armstrong said “he could see continents, lakes, and splotches of white on blue. But he could not make out any man-made structures from the lunar surface, which averages a distance of 230,000 miles (370,000 kilometers) from Earth.”

Where it stands, the wall’s mixture of stone and clay blends into the surrounding land, making it impossible from being spotted from up there.

9. Owls have long legs

owl long legs, untrue facts

10. Penguins do not mate for life!

three penguins, untrue facts

Paul Nicklen

Well, though it’s true that penguins are monogamous, they do not stay that way for life, and many change partners from one season to the next.

11. Pineapples grow on the ground!

pineapples growing on ground

Pineapples don’t grow on trees. Take that.

12. Birds don’t abandon their baby birds if humans touch them.

Bird feeding babies

Most baby birds have a limited sense of smell. So they won’t abandon their baby birds if they smell of humans.

13. Bats are not blind, they are just awesome

bats are not blind, meme

Bats have small eyes with very sensitive vision, which helps them see in conditions we might consider pitch black. Other than that they use echolocation, to locate their prey.

They don’t have the sharp and colorful vision humans have, but they don’t need that.

14. SOS doesn’t stand for ‘Save Our Souls’ or ‘Save Our Ship’

SOS, untrue facts

“SOS” dates back to 1908 and is the Morse code distress signal used with maritime radio systems, just because it was the easiest to transmit- three dots, three dashes and three dots.

15. Adam and Eve never ate the apple

Untrue Facts, Adam And Eve

@hollacaine / reddit

Though, they did eat the “forbidden fruit’ of the tree of knowledge, but nowhere in Genesis does it say – Apple!

Turns out most of our life was an absolute lie!