15 Times Animals Proved They Are Better At Social Distancing Than Us

This year has surely started on a very COVID note. As the World Health Organisation made the whole world go social distancing, each one of us has been given a simple task, to keep at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance from each other.

While a lot of us don’t get it and are protesting against it, here’s a list of pictures to show how animals, are way better at it than us! Be it pigeons, cats, or seagulls, the animal kingdom surely would have worked wonders with flattening the curve.

1. Cats ace it, all the time

cats social distancing

2. And they take it super seriously!

3. Meanwhile in Portland

social distancing queue, poland

4. Even the Seagulls know how to do it

5. No more handshakes, dude

6. Dogs practicing social distancing

7. Rules are rules, they said.

animals isolation

8. Meanwhile in Japan

9. When on land, keep distance!

10. These moose who follow what’s said in the news!

Bonus: Seagulls know how to park themselves during a pandemic!

social distancing, covid-19

Is your pet social distancing too? Share some funny pictures with us!