15 Clever Innovations That Are Real Game Changers

The great thing about lazy people is that they come up with the fastest ways to get things done and it’s quite impressive. Now whether these simple innovations were made by amazing designers or the laziest people on the planet, is a question to ponder upon!

These innovations could actually make our lives easier!

1. This cup knows how much you love coffee

When coffee drips from your cup, not only does it create a mess but you waste coffee! This cup prevents that and also puts the coffee back into your cup.

2. A refrigerator that makes a great help

Who thought of this beautiful idea? A fridge with a built-in water filter pitcher, no more filling up bottles for the house party anymore.

3. The greatest distraction at the dentist’s clinic

dentist ceiling, simple innovations

We’re all petrified of dentists, aren’t we? Maybe, we should give this one a try! He has a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ picture on the ceiling so that you’re busy finding Waldo when he’s busy finding your cavities.

4. This bar is more helpful than your best friend

What are the odds that you will drunk text your ex when your phone is in a locker? Convenient and saves us from embarrassment.

5. A hotel that saves up on a lot of time and energy

A black towel for especially for removing your makeup. Whoever this genius is, let’s just say, we love you!

6. The dresser that’s accurate

This dresser lets you check out what you’re trying out in different surroundings. We hope the designer ends up at every clothing store.

7. An ATM can change your life

The accuracy, an ATM that actually gets you! Imagine this, no more running around for a change and all your problems sort themselves out, just like that.

8. A tie that knows what you’re doing with it and lets you do it better.

This should be on every tie! Could keep a lot of phone screens clean, wouldn’t it? We would definitely benefit a lot from this innovation.

9. We need more innovations that let us vote

This dumpster in Edinburgh lets you vote along with dumping your cigarette butts.

10. Put your feet to some use on this elevator

We’ve lost count of the times our hands are full and we struggle while pushing the buttons in the elevator, this is the lift we’ve been waiting for all our lives!

11. They know chopsticks are difficult

We have all struggled with chopsticks at one point in time, haven’t we? Maybe a designer too went through that and made a chork! Chopsticks when you pull it apart and fork when they are together.

12. The chairs that can actually hold your bag for you

The bags slip off the chair every time you place it? You end up keeping it on the floor. This chair is made for you, yes, you. This design could be useful everywhere you place it.

13. A bench that connects you with the world

technology bench, hacks

This bench in Norway is powered by solar energy and also gives you WiFi! You can work with a good amount of fresh air through this innovation.

14. A dog park at the Airport

When you’re planning to take your pets on a trip, you have a million things to worry about along with their walks if it’s a long journey. Designers in Atlanta have cracked it with innovations your dog will love. They have a beautiful dog park at the airport.

15. A water fountain that gives you more reasons to use it

This water fountain tells you how much wastage through disposable plastic bottles it has saved up. It also has a sensor to determine whether you have a bottle in front of it or not.

Which is your favorite innovation of them all?