15 Things Seen From Space That Show How We Are Changing Earth


While there’s still time for us to be exploring space through our own eyes, satellite imagery makes sure we never miss the things that are truly wondrous. Thanks to these man-made wonders, we can see so much more on Earth from space, than just the Great Wall Of China.

We explored the internet to find out some eye-opening images showing the footprints of mankind.

1. The devastation of Amazon fires

2. What looks like a motherboard, is actually a bird’s eye view of oil fields in Utah

oil fields in Utah
Google Earth

3. A massive iceberg, splitting from the Petermann Glacier in Greenland

4. A hotel in the middle of the desert in China

hotel in a desert in China
Google Earth

5. A snow-capped picture of the Klyuchevskaya Volcano, Russia

6. These exquisite brushstrokes of Mother Nature, the Amazon river

7. The Great Wall of China from Northern China

8. A plasticulture site in Almeria, Spain. The site uses plastic material for agriculture purposes with nearly 20,000 hectares covered with greenhouses

9. A clearcutting site in the El Dorado National Forest, Georgetown, California

10. Star fort in Bourtange, a village in Vlagtwedde, Netherlands with just 430 residents in. The fort is now used as an open-air museum

11. Pollution discoloring the water bodies and poisoning our oceans

12. The Diavik Diamond Mine, Canada is a spectacularly shaped mine, hard to miss from the space

13. A satellite image of the pipeline fire that occurred in Homs, Syria, collected on February 15, 2012

14. Top view of Mt. Fuji, the highest peak in Japan

15. The Namib Desert is one of the oldest deserts with red sand dunes rolling into the sea

Namib Desert