15 Memes You’ll Understand If You Own The Art Of Overthinking

Do the insides of your brain smell like this candle below? Are you a victim of overthinking, too?

Well, looks like you are one of us- an official overthinker who loves to row the ‘worry boat’ in the endless ocean of time and space. While overthinking keeps us awake all night, making fun of our ever-present pal wouldn’t do much harm. Here are 15 memes that so good that you won’t help but ‘overthink’ about them!

1. “When you have a conversation with someone and then can’t stop replaying it over in your head with how it could’ve gone better.”

2. ‘That’s why I try my best to avoid random talk’

3. When you think you’re in the spotlight but there’s no light in there!

4. That awkward eye-contact

5. Me: Why would they do that?

6. Totally relatable!

7. Accurate AF!

8. We hear y’all.

9. Typing…

10. Think. Think. Think.

11. The never-ending loop of neverland.

12. Everything’s good. Wait, something’s wrong!

13. The dreaded ‘We need to talk’

14. Who’s the winner?

15. The sweet power of overthinking!

What have you been overthinking lately? Let us know in the comments below!