15 Halloween Decorations So Good We Can’t Decide Who Wins

Halloween decorations

Halloween and spookiness are synonyms. This festive month sparks a lot of creative ideas as people try to make innovative Halloween decor for their house. Some prefer simple carved pumpkin while others go bat-shit-crazy. Whether you are looking for some inspirations or entertainment, these 15 images of Halloween decorations will definitely be a treat for your mood.

1. How about a full-sized dragon, taking over the house?

full sized dragon halloween decorations


2. A vintage house that screams bloody murder

house that screams murder


3. This one wins the contest if there was ever one!

spider house


4. The only decoration required to send chills down anyone’s spine!

Bonus points, if someone could just keep a bowl of candy there.


5. A house that loves to gobble up trick-or-treaters!

halloween decorations house that eats


6. Homemade Halloween decorations that can spook anyone even during daylight

homemade halloween decorations
homemade halloween decorations
homemade halloween decorations


7. Ron Weasley wouldn’t dare enter this house. Would you?

spider house


8. Must definitely be Jack Sparrow’s house. Whether it’s trick or treat, we are going in!!

Halloween decorations - ship


9. A perfect way to keep out those noisy neighbors

keep out outdoor halloween decorations

Jonny Valiant

10. They say the dragon is still looking for his lost princess

dragon palace


11. They are easy DIYs but can scare anyone to death!

house dolls


12. For those people who are friendly with their skeleton guest

skeleton in the porch

Design Improvised

13. What’s a Halloween without huge spiders that scare the life out of you?



14. A friendly visit from the house of dead

front porch halloween decorations

Gemma Comas

15. Ghost rider in front of a house? Yeah, not going there!

ghost rider


Halloween Bonus!

Pretty sure no one will even think of walking through that street!

skeleton in mexico


The most apt Halloween decoration!

truck decoration for halloween


Which one was your favorite? Which one spooked you? Tell us in the comment section!