15 Photos That Prove Cats Are Basically Furry Shape-shifters

cats shapeshifters

Cats just have a way to do anything, don’t they? They can do something silly and we smile. They can stretch and do nothing, we adore it. Cats have this magical ability to make our days better and fit into literally anything and everything they find. We thought you might need proof and could use a laugh today, so here are some funny cat photos, to make your day.

1. This cat playing real-life Tetris

2. The baby’s all grown up.

3. Who smashed the cat?

4. It’s been a long and cold day for the cat

5. The cutest thing in a bowl

6. Our moods match

7. What do you mean it’s for a guitar?

8. Creepy has a new level

9. Probably the cutest mail ever

10. Someone assumed they belong in a basket

11. This one has basically proved it

12. Be careful of what you sip!

13. This one has achieved 90 degrees better than you!

14. Have you seen that much swag, like ever?

cat on a sofa

15. This one melted better than Olaf did

Do you have any funny cat photos that could be added to our list? Tag us on Instagram and let us know!