A 133-Year Old Canadian Church Was Beautifully Converted Into A Dream Home

Imagine you get to live in a house that formerly served as a church! Lynn Perreault and Jonathon Harmer, owners of the home-decor business Harper and Co spent two years renovating a 133-year-old Church.

The duo bought the property in the year 2018 and begun to revamp it into a single-dwelling home. They turned the old Church into a dream home with a loft. The new home now features–– 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and is built on 3,589 square feet of living space.

Perreault and Harmer told Insider, “This church was begging us to save it”. And they had to revamp it and give it a new life.

According to them, the building’s charm was its front doors. Its chipped paint inspired the designers to document their two-year renovation process “The Chippy Church Journey“.

Realtor Brian Ellis is selling the property for $ $954,798 ($1.2 million CAD). He even shared a video of the new house on TikTok, which went viral.


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The main door leads to the lobby, where the wood ceilings are 11-feet-tall and include nostalgic remnants of the church.

Perreault told Insider that, “Many of our fixtures, such as the existing church hanging lights, were refurbished by myself”. Perreault and Harmer revamped some of the church pews and placed them in the lobby. And several other church pews were removed and donated to the community member. “Our church pews were sold to the congregation — members who had sat in these pews since they were children,” the duo said. Most of their renovation involved ripping out the old red carpet and removing rows of pews.

Perreault and Harmer restored nearly all of the original structure. They have transformed it into a house while keeping the church’s Ponderosa pine floors, wainscotting, and some of the original wooden trusses across the ceiling. 

Church revamped into a dream house

Harper and Co.

Interior, old church turned into a beautiful house
Master bedroom
old church turned into a beautiful house

images via Brian Ellis Sales Team

You can buy this house from Brian Ellis Sales Team website.

For More Information: Harper and Co. | Brian Ellis Sales Team

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