12 Useful Inventions That Only A Genius Could Come Up With

Genius Inventions

Necessity is the mother of invention. And some designers take this to a whole new level. Here are 12 genius inventions that make more and more sense as we look at them.

Seriously, why didn’t anyone think of that before?

1. This device forecasts weather for you

genius inventions, device forecasts weather
Cloud Lamp, Weather Forecasting Lamp

Ken Kawamoto is a software engineer who loves to bring the digital world to the real one. He invented a device that would show weather in real-time. The Tempescope or the cloud lamp shows flashes of light if it’s predicting a thunderstorm, or rains if it’s going to rain. However, it cannot show snow yet.

2. Signal Indicator For Cyclists

Signal Indicator For Cyclists

A bicycle projector is a life-saving invention for cyclists. It allows a cyclist to indicate his next move to the drivers behind him, with the help of a projector attached to the seat. It works even when it’s really dark and doesn’t really need any inputs from the user.

3. Coffee with a kiss

Coffee with a kiss

These coffee cups give you a kiss, every time you take a sip. Jang Woo Seok, the designer says, ’I love both drinking coffee and kissing people,’ he says. ’Now I can do both at the same time.’. Do you agree?

4. Portable ladder for climbing trees

Portable ladder for climbing trees, Genius Inventions

Here’s a portable ladder, to climb trees at any age! The CanopyStair can be fixed to any tree’s trunk, and voila, your path to climbing a tree safely is right here.

5. Soda Bottle Dispenser

Soda Bottle Dispenser , Genius Inventions


This is a mini desktop water dispenser, suitable for soft drinks of any bottle size. Now you can keep the natural taste of the drink intact, without spilling the drink or losing the fizz.

6. Spherical Bath Tub

Spherical Bath Tub

Russian designer Aleksandr Zhukovskii came up with a spherical tub, that would literally change your bathtub game!

7. Built-in Pill Cutter

Built-in Pill Cutter, Genius Inventions

Designed by WenZai Ye, DanDan Liao, JiaChen Du, GuangHao Wu, here’s a bottle of pills that comes with a built-in pill cutter. No need to find something else to split the pill into two. It comes with a safe-to-use pill cutter in the cap that anyone can operate.

8. Shower Speaker

Shower Speaker, Genius Inventions

Make your showers musical with a speaker that fits right in your shower’s head, and of course, it’s waterproof!

9. Baby Saddle For Dads

Baby Saddle For Dads

For dads who are always ‘on shoulder’ duty, SaddleBaby is here to take some load off your shoulders. Also, you are now hands-free and can easily multitask while being the best dad in the world.

10. Mirror Cups

Mirror Cups

D-Bros, a Japanese designer team have designed Waltz, a set of teacups and saucers. These mirror-like cups reflect the colorful patterns on their saucers, so you don’t have to match them all the time!

11. Shoes with removable heels

Shoes with removable heels

These pair of shoes convert into comfy flats within seconds. You can just, adjust the heels as per the occasion. Designer Tanya Heath came up with this idea, for women who have to carry a change of shoes, as they walk/drive to work. This is just genius.

12. Tree Stump Lamp

Tree Stump Lamp

These lamps are made from real tree stumps and have light diodes placed inside the cracks.