10 Everyday Things We Bet You Aren’t Doing Right

There are everyday things that we have been doing for so long that we stopped questioning if we were really doing them right? Though we all know how to take a shower or peel a banana, you’d be stunned to know that they could be done differently, only to save your time and effort!

Here are 10 everyday things that you never noticed, you’d been doing wrong!

1. Using deodorants in the morning

Using a deodorant in the morning, especially after a shower makes it difficult for its ingredients to get into your swear ducts at clogs them up. Instead, you should put your deodorant before you go to bed. This gives it ample time to work its magic and remains effective even after a shower the next morning.

How do we know this is true: It’s actually written on the label!

2. How to brush your teeth

You don’t need to put too much toothpaste on your brush. Studies say, less is more, especially for children. Toothpaste contains fluoride, which if ingested in excess can change the mineral composition of your teeth. In reality, you just need a pea-sized amount.

3. Eating from takeaway boxes

Turns out that takeaway boxes are ‘takeaway’ for a reason. The box unfolds into a plate and takes your Chinese food game to a whole new level!

4. Pouring juices from their cartons

Tired of that dreaded splash? We have been pouring the juice through the carton’s plastic spout as close to the glass as possible. The carton should actually be emptied with the pouring spout on the upper side of the top’s central fold

5. Washing your denim

Washing your denim after every wear will lighten the wash that you so lovingly paid for. Instead of adding these to your laundry, store them in a freezer to remove the odor and keep them as good as new.

6. Holding your steering wheel

Most of us hold the steering wheel in the “10 and 2” positions (10 and 2 being the direction on a clock). This gives you more control when taking sudden turns. NHTSA now recommends, the technique known as “9 and 3”.

All airbags inflate upwards. Placing your hands higher up than this comes in the way of the airbag, jerking your hands on your face that could potentially break your nose.

7. Hanging a toilet paper

Hang the toilet paper with the tear-off end facing towards you. This way the toilet paper and your hand doesn’t touch the wall, which may have harmful bacteria.

8. Cutting a cake

Most of us cut the cake into slices. However, that leaves the center of the cake exposed, meaning that the cake will dry and get stale quicker. You should cut the cake as one long slice through the middle. This will keep your cake fresh for longer.

9. Keeping your hands clean

Keeping your hands clean

Hand sanitizers must have at least 60% alcohol content to keep your hands germ-free. Otherwise, washing your hands with a handwash will keep your hands much cleaner.

10. Slicing the bread

Slicing a bread loaf can be easier and a lot less messy by turning the loaf upside down or sideways.

Not to forget: Pooping

Just sitting on the toilet seat to do your business is not an ideal position. Our bodies are designed to squat, essentially hugging your knees, to position the colon properly. This is also healthy as it minimizes the chances of colon diseases.

How many of these everyday things were you already doing right? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Image Source: WikiHow.com