10 Creative Hacks That Are So Ingenius They Will Leave You Astounded

Creative hacks

Some people have a way around everything. We all try to find some turn around ways that can work for us. Some of them are so creative that it will amuse and surprise you to no end. Here are 10 people with a mind so clever, it’ll leave you thinking “Why didn’t I come up with that?”

1. No one can escape from this policeman’s clutches!

policeman has air trekkers


2. This kid used a leaf blower to speed up her longboard!

kid using leaf blower on longboard


3. This kind of innovative fix is why this person might as well be living in the future

creative hacks


4. That’s a neat trick, lady. Creativity level – Max!

cheating - creative hack


5. Just in case you were single during the lockdown!

using camera to cut his own hair

Genius level – 101

Life of Salman

6. We are just unenlightened people who are living in a cave. Why haven’t we thought about this before?

7. Well, that could work. Smart Hoomans!


8. That’s an ingenious way to drink wine directly from the bottle.

Creative hack with wine bottle


9. A clever DIY to sleep better and be comfortable at the same time.

Manuel Murgaa

10. Want to wash your hair but have to save your makeup? This creative hack is for you.

makeup- creative hacks

Pop sugar

Do you have any other innovative hacks? Let us know in the comments!