10 Coolest Teachers That Are Winning Our Hearts

Coolest teachers

Let’s admit it, we all wished if we could have teachers who weren’t that strict; who brought in some fun in the classroom. We made a list of 10 teachers who not only break the stereotypes but also are equally fun in the classroom.

1. The funniest way to get back


2. Give him the best teacher award

3. When you go above and beyond to explain the laws of physics

Teacher standing on top of the desk to explain the laws of physics


4. Now that’s a fun way of explaining a spelling error

Coolest teachers explaining spelling error


5. Asking the right question at the right time

Coolest Teachers


6. This professor allows mothers to bring their children and attend his lecture.

He even allows them to breastfeed.

Coolest teachers who allows moms to bring their child and attend their lectures.


He doesn’t want any type of restrictions affecting his students. Additionally, he believes that no mother should be in a situation where they have to choose between a child and an education.

7. Well, we don’t have any words left

Teachers in the classroom


8. If you like it, you put a ring on it.

teachers who give a right explanation


9. The correct use of memes

Correct use of memes


10. Professor who always appreciates the questioning

cool teachers


We thank these teachers for brightening our day and student lives.