10 Cool Work From Home Setups That Can Happen Only In 2020

2020 happened and we never really got out of our homes. As the stay-at-home spree continued, we realized our homes weren’t really as equipped as our offices. So many of us had to build makeshift workstations at home.

But here are 10 people who have surpassed all expectations and built something, we could only imagine.

1. Guess, this is the only way you can accomplish work from home in 2020

work from home 2020

Emma Northcott, from London, picked up the liquor cabinet, to save her trips to sanity!

2. To keep the board meetings as literal as possible.

work from home set up

Bex Holland, who lives in Brighton, England is multitasking on her ironing board.

work from home set up


3. When you’re living in a studio apartment and the clothes hamper kinda does the job.

Work From Home 2020


4. Recycling starts from home, they said.

work from home set up


5. Work is play!

Work From Home, Cool Workstations


6. Just use a barrel and make it work

Cool Workstations


7. This super stylish, work station with a typewriter.

Cool Workstations

8. This workstation, sponsored by toilet paper.

Cool Workstations, Work From Home Setups


9. Here’s what you could make, if you work with Tesla!


10. Could there ever be a Monday here?

Cool Workstations, Work From Home Setups


Is your workstation cool enough to make it to our list? Share with us and we’d love to feature it!